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Hope is foundational to help keep us moving forward. In this episode I will talk about some functions of hope and how to use them to help improve your mental health. Mental health issues like depression will make this difficult, so make sure you set realistic expectations of yourself and keep that in you mind as you listen!


Hope can be a powerful tool if harnessed purposefully. I hope you enjoy the episode! 

In this episode I talk to Paula Fontenelle about suicide. Paula is a mental health clinician and expert in working with all aspects of suicide. Paula shares with us signs, interventions, and mindsets to be aware of when helping someone that is suicidal. 


Paula helps us understand that anyone can help someone with suicidal thoughts. Paula has great resources available at her website, where you can look at her book, online course, and podcast. 


I enjoyed my conversation with Paula and know you will find her knowledge and insight helpful!

As humans, we have amazing capacity to grow and learn. In this episode we will explore how technology can impact our attention and our propensity to avoid unpleasantness in life.  We will also discuss how to star to think about striking that balance to help improve your mental health!

In this episode we start to unpack some of the ways our use of technology can impact our mental health. Technology is here to stay, so understanding the relationship between our mental health and technology use is critical!


Have you ever had a hard time thinking about the future? Maybe you know someone who has trouble with this now? In this episode we will explore how mental health impacts our thinking about the future. We will also talk about day by day planning and what functions that serve for our mental health. 

In this episode I break down depression and the various ways it can work. This episode will also explore what you can do to help your or someone else's depression. I hope you find this helpful!

Does your mind get flooded with thoughts that you can't seem to shake? Does your racing mind make it hard to focus or difficult to get anything done? In this episode, Pete Sandoval, LPC will explore with us what causes a racing mind and what we can do in order to calm ourselves in these moments. 

This episode is part of the Calming A Racing Mind series but we go more in depth this episode to really drive home what you can do to help calm yourself in these tough moments. We hope you enjoy!

In this episode I start the conversation about how sex affects our mental health. First, we have to talk about both physical and emotional components that make up sex. I hope you enjoy!


In this episode, Sarah Sanburn, LPC helps us to understand how physical touch impacts our mental health. Sarah also helps use to understand how to use touch to help improve behaviors and connection to our children (young and old)! We hope you find this episode helpful!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental health disorder that can be complicated.  Today we have Dr. Jeremy Shuman help simplify OCD and guide us towards what treatment of OCD looks like. We hope you find this helpful!

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