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Learn about what is going on in your head from mental health professionals

Self awareness is something that helps us be who we want to be and understand why we do the things we do. It is an attribute healthy, successful, and many great leaders share. Maybe, self awareness is the key ingredient to big mental health changes! Join Craig Foust, Nicole Oliver, and Pete Sandoval for this episode. We hope you enjoy!

Join us as we discuss how this pandemic is a possible shared trauma experience all of us are going through and how that could explain such a wide variety of responses. We also talk about how to start to process through this event. In this episode you will hear from Craig Foust, Kristen Craren, Pete Sandoval, and Nicole Oliver. We hope you find this helpful!

Our lives have been very different for the past several months amid the Covid-19 challenges our entire country has been contending with. Now, many are planning and considering what it will look like returning to work after all of this. Stress, confusion, and uncertainty are hallmarks of this time. In this episode we talk you through going back to work and honoring the difficulty of the transition in regards to safety, child care, and stress. We hope you find this helpful!


When is it the right time to talk about sex, emotions, the future, and any other tough topic with your child? We explore this question and how to have these tough conversations in this episode. We hope you enjoy!


Thriving during a crisis is challenging so we explore some ways to help you thrive. We also talk about our own experience struggling during this time and how we are handling it. We hope you find this helpful!

You can take a great step towards better mental health by doing some house cleaning! If you have been staying home lately, consider clean up a little to help feel better! This episode talks about why mental health and cleanliness is related and how to go about taking these steps to improve your mental health. 

Learn more about yourself and use that to help make your life better. Self awareness is a perspective and reality we work towards and I will talk to you about how to do it in this episode. I hope you enjoy!

Learn how to mange stress when you don't have easy access to social supports you may normally use. I hope you find this helpful!

In light of the high anxiety time we are in, I wanted to share some simple tips to keep your stress and anxiety from getting too high. Keep in mind, our stress and anxiety directly impact our immune system. This means we have to keep working to keep our stress and anxiety in check! I hope you find this helpful!

Join Craig Foust, Nicole Oliver, Pete Sandoval, and Kristen Craren as we explore what healthy relationships look like. All of us look at relationships from different angles and give our own view on what "healthy relationships" look like and how to work towards them. We hope you enjoy!

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