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In this episode we talk about distance in the relationship. Often when we feel distance (emotional rather than physical in this case) we will react in several ways. I break this down in the episode and start to give some ways of considering and talking about distance in your relationship. 


This episode is part of a series and is another building block so we can continue to more complex topics. We like to keep it simple so breaking it down and taking it slow is something we hope will help really soak in the understanding and ability to take action on some of what we are discussing! 

We are created to bond and connect with others. In this episode we talk about human attachment and responsiveness to give us a foundation to build upon as we further explore relationships and how they impact our mental health. 


In this episode I do not really talk about attachment styles as I feel like sometimes labels can restrict ways we think about ourselves. If labels help you more then I recommend you look some up since we all learn differently!

Burnout is a challenging feeling to contend with. Most of us will have to face it at some point or another and we need a strategy to get out of it and a more clear idea of what burnout actually is. Thank you for listening and I am glad to be back!


Emotional wounds can last a long time. With enough time, do they go away? In this episode, we explore this question and how we can work on helping emotional wounds heal. 


In this episode we break down validation and how central it is to building understanding and empathy in relationships. Validation is the key to communicating understanding of what someone is communicating and in this episode we talk about how this is done. After this episode, you will be able practice validating and experience the change it can bring!

In this episode we explore how we naturally create our own narratives or stories about ourselves in our day to day life. This can be a bad things if we are not really happy with how we are living our life. This can also be a great opportunity to use a powerful tool to actually help our mental health by crafting and pursuing narratives we want about our life. As with all things, awareness helps and it is action from awareness that will create change!

In this episode we continue to explore the concept of mind over matter in relation to willpower. 

In this episode we talk about the concept of mind over matter and how it can impact your mental health.

When we have anxiety, it can be common to try and think our way out of our problems. That may not be the right approach, fighting thoughts with thoughts. How about we try a different way. 

A short rest or break can do wonders to develop great mental health. In this episode I break down why that is and how we can use this technique to help improve your mental health!

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