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I go over how cocaine affects the body and brain and some of the ramifications of its use. I also talk about some signs to spot possible cocaine use, I hope this is helpful!

Join us as we start to talk about how we resolve trauma. It is a process and Pete Sandoval and Nicole Oliver talk to me about some approaches they use and we discuss how trauma starts to heal over time. We hope you enjoy!

This episode is to help you understand depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens/dissociatives. I also talk about how these drugs can impact mental health on a basic scale and will go more in depth when we start talking about specific drugs. I hope you enjoy!

A continuation of our addiction series where I talk about how alcohol use affects mental health. This episode also talks about benzodiazapines since they are similar in how they work. I hope you enjoy!

Today we talk to Sarah Wilson about her work with dogs and how that informs her some of the family dynamics. While Sarah focuses on altering unwanted behavior of the dog, she talks to us about how dogs are reactive to the dynamics in the home. This is a fascinating episode that has me looking at my dogs and wondering how their behavior can inform me about how I am at home with my family. I also have Kristen Craren with me to lend some of her own observations and experiences to the conversation. I hope you enjoy!

Join Craig Foust, Nicole Oliver, and Kristen Craren as we talk about how our past experiences impact us today. While the context is with trauma in mind, our own past experiences have deep impacts on our feelings and behaviors presently. We hope you enjoy our exploration of this topic!

Join Craig Foust, Nicole Oliver, Kristen Craren, and Pete Sandoval as we talk about what trauma is, how it occurs, different types of trauma, and how trauma affects people. We hope you enjoy!

Join a few therapist as they talk about ways to manage your stress and anxiety. They share their own ways of managing stress and some ways their clients have found to be helpful. In this episode, Craig Foust with Life Care Counseling, Nicole Oliver with Integrative Neurocounseling, and Kristen Craren with Craren Family Services. I hope you enjoy it!

This talk from the addiction series, will focus on marijuana. In this episode I will talk about how marijuana works in the body and brain and what effects can occur due to ongoing marijuana use. I will also talk about the difference between THC and CBD. I hope you find this helpful!

Your stress response is a beautiful thing in the right circumstances. Just like many parts of ourselves, the stress response is something that can adapt to our experiences and our genetics. 

In this episode, Nicole and I talk about the stress response, how it works, and signs of what it may look like if the stress response is over active. We hope you find this helpful!

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